“Even though we might not always make the right decisions or have the easiest journeys, our stories are so incredibly valid. After all, you are still a badass superhero if the only person you save is yourself.” – Aliçia Raimundo

Aliçia Raimundo wears many hats. A true “Mental Health Superhero”, Aliçia is a celebrated TedX speaker, author, youth ambassador, and mental health consultant. In 2014, she sat beside UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the International Youth Day event in New York City, where she spoke as part of a panel discussion on youth mental health.

Aliçia has held positions on the boards, committees, and councils of youth serving and mental health organizations across Canada, and we are lucky enough to have her as the Chair of our own Youth Advisory Committee.

Recently, Aliçia wrote a blog post for Huffington Post Canada as part of their Frame of Mind series, which focuses on teens and mental health. We are thrilled to share with you her beautiful piece, entitled “How I Discovered My Strength In The Throes Of Mental Illness”, here.

You can follow Aliçia on Twitter at @asraimun.