Who Can Join?

Local, national, and international non-governmental organizations

Individuals from local, national, and international non-governmental organizations

Students, researchers and faculty at educational institutions

Individuals and agencies within regional, provincial, and federal governments

Youth involved in the services they use

Educators and health care professionals


  • You gain access to an international Network of local, national, and international non-governmental organizations, researchers, and government representatives who serve children and youth in challenging contexts.
  • You will be notified about the activities of the Network and kept up-to-date on the knowledge and products shared and created through those events.
  • You may be presented with opportunities to work with researchers, practitioners, and service providers who are interested in and/or work with vulnerable and at-risk children and youth in Canada and around the world.
  • You can share your announcements, knowledge, and publications with an international Network of like-minded professionals.
  • You may be eligible for various funding opportunities, such as knowledge mobilization contracts.

As a CYCC Network Member, you agree to:

  • Support our Vision, Anti-Discrimination Policy, Privacy Policy, as well as maintain appropriate childprotection practices required within your jurisdiction
  • Have a demonstrated interest in Knowledge Mobilization
  • Work with children and youth in challenging contexts in some capacity
  • Make best efforts to read CYCC Network communications, website, material and participate in CYCC Network events when possible
Read our Guidelines for Participation

Becoming a Network Member

To become a Network Member, we first ask that you read through and agree to our Guidelines for Participation, to make sure we’re on the same page.

We then invite you to complete our brief Network Member entry survey. Your submission will be reviewed by CYCC Network staff, who will contact you within two to three days of completing the survey to confirm your membership.

Complete the Entry Survey